Friday, 27 February 2015

My artwork!

Hi everyone!
I thought I'd share some of my artwork with you all today! I am by no stretch amazing at art, however it's something I absolutely, completely, incredibly love doing, so I thought it'd be fun to share :)
Do let me know if you want more posts on my artwork, or videos on my youtube! I have plenty more to show! Or you can head over to my Instagram where I have a lot of photos of my work <3
So let's begin with the piece I'm proudest of :)
It's a tiger, if you couldn't tell already haha. I did this using prismacolors and staedtler coloured pencils, and I am so pleased with the vibrancy of the colours! I wasn't sure how to go about drawing the silver whiskers of a tiger, so I just drew them in brown, so a little inaccuracy but you know- not the end of the world ;)
This was the first drawing I did after purchasing my set of prismacolors. I wanted to practise blending colours, and I thought what better way to do that than with a rainbow lolly? I really do love how well the pencils blended though- the pencils were definitely a good investment for me!

I have also been working on improving my watercolours so I gave this dreamcatcher a go with an 'ombre' (I use the term loosely; at least I gave it a go eh?) background, then used black fineliner and metallic crafting markers to draw the dreamcatcher. I'm actually really proud of this one, even if the background is a bit mucky!
Here's another one mixing watercolour with materials I'm more comfortable with. This was done with ink pen, coloured pencils and watercolour. I'm really pleased with the effect of the scales on the tail of this one, and I worked long and hard on it... Particularly on the background as I hope you can tell!
And oh, what's that? Another piece mixing watercolour and ink :P This time I did a really easy 'dabbled' (excuse my lack of knowledge on art terms haha) green background, and then did my best to letter the lyrics to one of my favourite songs over the top with black felt tip. Who knows what song these lyrics are from? ;)

I also gave shrink plastic a go the other day (video coming soon), where I drew on it and then shrunk them in the oven. I'm amazed at the results- they were so much fun!!
But here's one of my favourite ones I made of winnie the pooh- drawn completely free hand with prismacolors!
Do you like it? :)
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my artwork!
Love you all,
Clara xx

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