Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beginner's guide to plushies! Materials!

Hello everybody!

So as you may or may not know, I have been making plushies for almost 3 years now, and during that time I have made over 100, so today I thought I'd make a guide on how to sew them!

So first in this series I will be talking about materials :)
1) Of course, fabric is a must. For a beginner, I'd definitely recommend a fabric that doesn't fray such as felt or fleece. Felt is super easy to work with, whilst fleece is a little harder (although it does make your plushies super soft!), so felt is probably your safest bet. It is also really, really inexpensive- usually only about 50p a sheet from hobbycraft! And I believe it's even cheaper in the US!
2) You will also need tools. Firstly a needle. You can find sets of needles in supermarkets if you have a look, or you probably have some lying around your house too. Also, pins are great for pinning fabric together or pinning a template onto your fabric. Again, supermarkets always have these.
3) To stuff your plush, you will also need stuffing! You can find this at hobbycraft in huge bags, and I've seen it at Dunelm too. Or you could always purchase old teddies from charity shops and take out the stuffing if you're feeling a bit evil!
4) Threads, again, are very easy to find. I've seen thread at multiple supermarkets sold in sets of the most useful colours, so I'd definitely recommend picking up a set of them.
5) And finally, for extra touches, little bows, ribbons and findings are great! Check eBay or hobbycraft for these :)

So, hopefully this post was helpful! I'll definitely make more beginner's plushie guides soon!

Much love,
-Clara xx

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