Friday, 20 February 2015

25 Cute Plush Ideas!

Hi everyone!
Recently I feel like the 'plushie' community on YouTube and Instagram have been running out of inspiration. With many of the biggest sewing YouTubers no longer making videos, there seems to have been a bit of a creative block from their followers.
So today I thought I'd do a post on 25 cute plushie ideas to get you back into sewing!
So here we go!
1) A strawberry
2) A pineapple (you can get creative with the embroidery on this one)
3) A penguin
4) A heart (super quick and easy!)
5) A social media logo (facebook, twitter... or if you're feeling daring you could even try Instagram!)
5) An Earth (I have a tutorial on this hint hint ;) )
6) The sun
7) A raincloud
8) A cat
9) Rilakkuma!
10) An iPhone (TammyHallam has the most incredible tutorial on an iPhone plush!)
11) A fish
12) An elephant
13) A simple square with your initials embroidered on (gives you an opportunity to work on your backstitch :p)
13) A burger
14) An owl (they always turn out cute!)
15) A rabbit
16) A chick (continuing the spring theme)
17) A hot chocolate (again, tammyhallam has an amazing tutorial on this)
18) An orange
19) A pear
20) Your country's flag
21) A puppy
22) A musical instrument
23) An album cover
24) An iPod (yet again, TammyHallam has a great tutorial)
25) A racoon plush (LouiseLovesCrafts has a fab tutorial!)
So I really hope this has given you the inspiration you need to get back into the wonderful world of plushies. Let me know if you'd like a part two, or if you'd like one on charm ideas, drawing ideas, sewing projects etc :)
Love you all,
Clara xx

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