Sunday, 19 April 2015

3 language learning tips!

Hi everyone!
So today I wanted to share 3 language learning tips and tricks that are great for helping you progress in your languages!
1) Flashcards
For me, one of the best ways to learn vocab is by using Flashcards. I use a set by the company 'krammers' which I love as they are kept together by a ring, but paper rectangles will do just fine! :) Basically just write each word in your native tongue in the front side, and the matching word in your target language in the back (along with gender depending on the language). You can also make some of the cards the other way around. This is great as you can take them about with you so you can constantly be testing yourself on new vocab.
2) Immersion
Visiting a country that speaks your target language is not always possible, I know. However there are many other ways to immerse yourself in the language. Watch youtube videos about your interests in the language. For example I love art, so I watch lots of German and French art videos. This really helps with accent reduction and intonation as you'll be hearing it more often.
3) Practise every day!
If you don't look over what you've learnt every day, you will forget it within no time, I promise you! I find the site Duolingo is great, as it records how many days you've gone on it in a row, and if you don't practise one day then you 'lose' your streak. You could always use a post-it note and make a tally of how many days you've practised without a gap in between, and this should work just as well!

So I hope you have fun learning, and never forget your goal. For me, my motivation is knowing how cool it will be when I can talk to a native speaker of my target languages fluently in front of my friends! Shallow? Perhaps, but it does definitely spur me on!
Anyway, I hope you have a really lovely day,

-Clara x