Monday, 24 November 2014

Snail Mail!

Hello my lovelies!

As promised, I'm back with another blog post, and this one is going to be about snail mail!
Now, if you search snail mail on Instagram or Pinterest, you will quickly understand why I love it so much! It is basically post... but not typed bills or adverts. Snail mail tends to be much more carefully and beautifully made with stickers and washi tape. And, of course, they are nearly always handwritten by your penpals.
I personally only have 4 penpals, although I have seen some people who have more than 20! Although for the amount of time I have that is definitely not feasible! Plus, I really want to fond strong bonds with people, and I feel like if I had too many that would be less likely to happen. But each to their own :)
Either way, receiving a handwritten letter is amazing- especially if it is as gorgeously decorated as the ones I receive! I mean, just look at these envelopes!
I even received one from my lovely Dutch penpal Suzan which was clear!

Not only that, but the letters themselves are gorgeous too, and always so sweet!

And if that wasn't enough to make you fall in love with mail art, just look at the sweet little things inside! I've received stickers, postcards, hot chocolate, confetti, envelopes and more!

But the thing I love most is the writing itself. It is just so amazing to read a letter that someone has clearly put so much effort into, and it's awesome to be able to learn about their country, culture, language and opinions. I have 3 Dutch penpals and 1 German penpal, and I've found out more about what it's like to live in their country than I would even if I spent 10 hours researching it on the internet. And since I learn German, it is really helpful to write in the language occasionally to my lovely penpal Vanessa too.

Handwritten letters are just so much more personal than emails and messages, and I just love it so much!

Plus it's a great excuse to go out and buy more stationery! Just look at my collection of letter writing supplies (which I am going to make a detailed blog post on, naturally ;) )

There is not much I love more than sitting down with a hot chocolate and writing letters and making envelopes and wrapping up teas and decorating with stickers and then sending them off.
So, in conclusion, I highly recommend you start writing more letters! It is a great way to gain a wider cultural understanding and form friendships with people all over the world.

With love,
Clara xx

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